Instructional Design

Producing effective, learning solutions isn't just about our fantastic graphics and presentation, it also includes proven learning design methodologies and interactions with our Customers to develop beneficial learning. It takes something to step change your learning from a 2 week course to an 8 hour lesson, yet we have provided such solutions to our Customers. One such Customer still uses our solution some 15 years later! Now that is one example of value for money!

CTS is a formidable team, focused on applying expertise by designing and creating effective Learning Systems using various tools, programming languages and integrating 2D and 3D graphics and animations, producing digital audio, photography and video to meet ever increasing demands. CTS also employs structured procedures including Systems Approach to Training (SAT)/Instructional Systems Design (ISD).

We are continually seeking to identify new technologies and techniques, which will improve the efficiency and quality of the learning process, both in terms of the cost of training and education and in the improved transfer of knowledge and skills to the operational workplace.